07 December 2013

My Christmas traditions

Christmas may not be my absolute favorite holiday, but I do love it quite a bit.

I get crazy into the Christmas spirit: I wear my Santa hat at work, I immerse myself in Christmas music (forcibly at work,and usually classical or Ella and Louis on my own time), and I enjoy the gorgeous lights everyone puts up, making the frigid temperatures a little easier to bear.

Since I was a kid, I've either been in or seen a production of The Nutcracker. My favorite is still Shira Greenburg's Nutcracker on the Rocks by Keshet Dance Company in my hometown, Albuquerque. It's not your grandmother's Nutcracker (though I, of course, enjoy that one too).

My mom and I used to light a candle (electric) in the window to symbolize the warmth and security of the family and also to show loyalty to the family members who aren't present in the home, for whatever reason.

Before he died, I would buy my dad chocolates from See's Candies every year.

Luminarias are a huge New Mexican tradition, which I used to hate, but now I absolutely love.

Tamales,  polvorones, biscochitos, and posole are also staple foods in any New Mexican home around Christmas time (get recipes for these here).

Christmas tamales
Traditional Spanish Polvorones (Christmas Cookies)
Authentic NM Biscochitos recipe by Gabrielas Kitchen
Biscochitos. THE best Christmas cookie ever
Luminarias in Old Town Albuquerque

It's become a personal tradition of mine to read A Christmas Carol during the month of December, and, of course, watch every (good) Christmas movie known to man.

 A new tradition I started this year was the Jingle Bell 5K, which I will continue.

One of my favorite activities in the Spokane area is going to see the Christmas Tree Elegance at The Davenport Hotel. It's pretty spectacular to see the different themes and ways a Christmas tree can be decorated. Also, a raffle to win prizes is always fun, right?

The last few years, I've worked Christmas Day so others can spend time with their families. I figure, since I'm so far from home, and I'll be spending Christmas watching movies alone at home anyway, why not work and make some well-needed holiday pay?

What are your holiday traditions?

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