16 December 2013

That time I realized I'm a runner

When you start running for the first time, it's easy to fall into this perception that you're not a "real" runner because you don't have crazy pace times, marathon medals galore, and never take time off. Or because you go slow and walk most of your "run". Or because you don't look like a runner.

While I knew that because I laced up my Adidas and ran, I was a runner, I never really embraced the title completely. I never felt the *need* to run. It was just something I did because it was convenient for my lifestyle.

Until it got cold. And by cold, I don't mean 20's or 30's. I mean single digits with a "feels like" negative digits.

I went for one run when it was in the low 20's and my t-shirt semi-froze to my stomach. No joke.

After that I decided I wasn't going outside until I had the wonderful technology of base layer moisture-wicking clothing. My mom gifted me some cash to get winter wear.

In the meantime, I decided I would do Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred. I was motivated for the first week, and then I got bored.

Nothing against Jill. She kicks my ass with that workout, but that's when I really realized I was a runner.

I missed being outside. I missed the changing scenery and the ability to wander in my thoughts. When I was doing the video, I'd actually look outside and miss the new circuit cue. Whoops.

I started craving running, much like I crave certain foods at a particular time. I noticed my emotions went haywire and my normal started dipping into a depression, which snowballed into lack of motivation to do anything, really (who noticed a lack of language intensive stuff??)

It was weird.

When the clothing I bought came, I ripped it open like a crazy person and immediately put them on. I believe my boyfriend's exact words were "so I guess you're going for a run?"

Full body shot with new jacket and leggings
Displaying photo.jpg
I really love this pocket feature!
The haul minus one pair of leggings
 (still in the mail)

I was out the door 15 min later and I got a new personal best at 11:30 min/mile in 32 degrees in the snow.

I ran 3.04 miles total. Mile 4 is really 0.04 of a mile.

Now I can use my tights and thermals for bike commuting and not freeze. Thanks, Mom!

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