27 February 2014

Budget: 20 February

20 February payperiod:

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Glorious, glorious $275 rent. 

I decided to spend a little money on myself, my cat, and my friends. While the money could've definitely paid off a lot of my remaining Dentist 2 debt, I believe in rewards and after over that wonderful $1000 payment (and being 85% done with this portion of the debt), I decided to blow some money.


I'll be tackling those awful things called student loans next (after saving up for some fun stuff). I've been carrying them around, paying $100 a month, for the last 4 years. I'm done. Goodbye, student loans. You won't be missed (or replaced).
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19 February 2014

Budget: 5 February

I drafted this post right after payday, but apparently forgot to click "publish". All this time I thought it was posted! I edited it so it's updated, but some AMAZING news is in here.

Recap of the 5 February payperiod:

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I got a roommate, so expenses are beautifully cut in half. Paying rent this month will be glorious.

I got rid of my phone insurance. I have an iPhone 4 and will need to upgrade to replace it if anything happens to it, so I'm saving about $12 there.
Currently planning on inheriting my boyfriend's phone and making the switch to Virgin Mobile. More on this next month.

I did get renter's insurance. It has been on my To Do list for months and when a guest inadvertently made me believe my apartment building was on fire when the fire was actually a block down from my place, I acted quickly and got the insurance.
I split food and household for this month, because I have no idea what I'm going to need to buy for household and I have a feeling it may end up being pricey.
Internet is lowered due to roommate, but utilities is not, since the utility bill would be just for me.
As seen above, I was a little happy with my card this month, so Emergency Fund gets repadded.


I had a petsitting job this month, so that gave me $340 extra in income. I made sure to budget for expenses so I didn't fudge up everything, like last time.

I got $499 back on my tax return, so add that to my normal $175 payment, the $275+ from having the roommate, and the $200 or so I will have left over after petsitting = $445 balance left on Dentist 2.

I'm pretty sure the accounts payable secretary fell flat out of her chair when I started making these payments. Up until now, I have only made $25 payments because of the snowball.

Hello Freedom, I'm Zoë. I think we should be friends.

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