19 December 2013

My Big Fat Lesson in Patience

I am far from a patient person.

I hate waiting. I hate being on hold. If I want something, I want it *now* and God have mercy on whoever gets in my way.

I noticed yesterday that this debt journey and my hobbies have really taught me how to be patient.

When I started running, I was slow. Like 15 min miles slow. (I walked a lot). As I ran more regularly, I no longer have to cut a full hour out my day just for the run.

When I started learning languages, it was really frustrating to understand more than I spoke. The sooner I got over the embarrassment of making mistakes, the faster I improved.

When I started learning how to knit, it took me forever to figure out how to stitch. (Whoever said casting on was the hard part is a big fat liar.) I almost gave it up.

As much as it hurts, I have to save up for the stuff I want to do (such a revolutionary concept).  I can't just put it on my credit card, because I'll have to pay it off eventually, and it makes me feel like a dog chasing it's tail.

I wanted results now. I still do. Sadly, there is no magical genie to grant my three wishes.

But the more I'm patient, the more I'm surprised with a gift.

When I made the commitment to the Dave Ramsey Baby Steps plan, I had just moved into a new apartment. I had so many petsitting commitments, I was able to pay off my deposit, build up my emergency fund, and seamlessly transition into paying off my debt snowball.

An old lady at the store bought me a few sets of knitting needles two days after I had canceled a Craigslist transaction for knitting needles. (She tried to buy me 5 sets, I put three back, and the sneak put another set on the conveyer belt at the last second)

A couple decided to pay for a toy and a week's worth of food for Corduroy after I had given up on trying to buy him a new toy for Christmas.

The day I decided I wasn't going to Nutcracker this year, a friend gifted me the money for tickets (and my boyfriend said he was going to surprise me with them anyway).

A couple tipped me the money to go to a football game I had told my friend I couldn't afford to go to.

When I realized (and surrendered) to the fact I had a few months on the air mattress, a couple friends were generous enough to gift me the money for a new mattress.

After I decided I would wait until my debt was paid off to get furniture, a friend gave me a chair.

 I've been incredibly blessed by friends, family, strangers, and the grace of God during this process and I can't wait until I can give back. Maybe being patient isn't so bad after all.

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