22 December 2013

Budget: 20 December

A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.
Colin Powell 

Psst.........guess what.

I did it again.

Another one down.

But before we go over that here's a recap of 5 December payperiod:

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I expected this month to be a little over budget. 

I actually had a bit of anxiety with all the spending I was doing. I had to buy cookie cutters and a rolling pin to make the cookies I gave to friends and coworkers as gifts; I had the money my mom sent; I had my Nutcracker gift money. Even though a lot of that didn't come out of my budget, alarms went off in my head. 
I guess that's a good thing right??

I did mess up and forgot my insurance hadn't been pulled out of my account, so I had to pull money out of my emergency fund to cover that (and then I pulled out too much. Whoops.) 
Thankfully, I have a petsitting job that was able to refund that.

20 December payperiod:


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Got a bit of extra in my check this month. Yeah buddy. I did pick up a petsitting job and didn't make it a priority to make food to take with me back and forth, so I grabbed some fast food and called it a day.


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Can I just squeal for a second??

Since I got my petsitting job, I was able to completely pay off dentist 1, which means I've paid off 1/3 of my immediate debt.

By January, I will (hopefully) have that medical credit card paid off, which will put me at about 50% paid off.


Wasn't I just complaining this was all slow going?

Take that, debt. BAM.

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