31 December 2013

The Resolution Chair

My sisters and I created a tradition when gathering with friends for New Year's Eve.
Everyone writes out their resolutions and stand on a chair (figuratively or literally) and reads them to the party.
It's goofy, fun, and your friends and family can hold you accountable throughout the year on your goals.
(Consider this my public Resolution Chair)

I have an action plan on some of these that are a little more progressional (like the language intensive project, paying off debt, and running)

Language intensive project: study 1 language for 3 months per language (ASL, French, German, Spanish)
Possibly enroll in school in September (depends on financial aid and financial situation midyear)

Accomplish 3 side tasks at work per day
Visit ABQ
Take a trip with my Little

Progressional goal:
Pay off immediate debt >> Save 3 months expenses >> Begin attacking student loans

Run a 5k
Run a half marathon
Run 3-4 times per week
Drink 4 cups of water per day
Limit sugar intake

Participate in 2-3 bible studies
Practice yoga once a week
Listen to two spiritual messages per week

To track how I'm doing, I printed off goal tracking sheets from My Love For Words (and I'll likely give a quarterly update to hold myself accountable).

While I hope to accomplish most if not all of these within the year, if I don't, I'm not a failure (and neither are you if you don't accomplish all your goals). Sometimes life takes over and priorities change. The importance is in the effort and in the journey.

What are your goals for the year? How many of your goals did you accomplish from last year? I had 12!!!

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