16 November 2013

First 5k

I did it.

I ran a 5k.

I donned my AOII letters and dashed through Riverfront Park. Then I danced at the finish line.

Maybe it was the three days off work I had, or possibly the Christmas music pumping in my ear, or even my AOII sisters cheering my name on the sidelines that gave me that OOMPH I needed, but it was a really great run. I'd been "training" for it for about a month and since I usually run around 3 miles when I run, it was a lot less intimidating.

Even though I didn't run all week, I consistently ran 12 minute miles on 3:1 intervals, though there was a 6 minute non-stop stretch in there.

Jingle Bell is something I think I'll continue to do every year. Supporting Arthritis Research is my women's fraternity's designated philanthropy and I have a lot of friends and family -- young and old -- affected by this awful disease. I'm sure you do too, since it's the #1 cause of disability in the US, affecting 1/5 adults and over 300,000 children.

Next running goal is to run nonstop for a mile and build on the miles from there. 

How was your weekend?

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