22 November 2013

Budget: 20 November

Recap of the 5 November payperiod:

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I ended up $66 over budget on my vet bill, which was $20 less than I thought I was over. Corduroy is doing well and happily switched to wet food to prevent this problem from happening again. I saved the $20 by returning the cat food he didn't need and used the store credit to buy food he did need, which was on a buy one/get one special. SCORE. Good thing I didn't open the bag.

As announced, I have officially paid off my credit card. Yesterday, I got the statement with that glorious "Current balance: $0.00" that I've been waiting to see. Ah glorious freedom.

I did get a gift from a friend that refilled my Emergency Fund. Since it was taken out and refunded within a few days, I didn't feel it was right to track it as income and then expense it out. It would just be confusing. So I left it out.

20 November payperiod:


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Well, paying off debt isn't easy. There's bound to be some payperiods where I barely squeak by. This is one of them. Luckily there was a little left over from my last check to pad this one, so no dipping into the Emergency Fund again. Whew. The second half of the month is always more scarce, due to my rent.


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These student loans are really annoying. I just want them to go away. Yuck. I looked at my statement and I'm paying 40% interest every month, which makes it a very slow process of paying them off completely.

How do people do this for years? I don't understand it. I never want to be in debt again.

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