08 November 2013

Another one bites the dust: Budget 5 Nov

I really understand why Dave Ramsey recommends the Debt Snowball method. I just paid off "Personal CC" and it feels EXTREMELY good to cross another debt off my list. Two in less than a month. I am on fire.

Recap of the 20 October payperiod:

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I completely eliminated my birth control expense because I am eligible for the Planned Parenthood of Washington's Take Charge program. This program gives eligible persons access to healthcare and contraceptives if they don't have insurance or if their insurance doesn't cover it. This program saves me over $250 a year just in birth control (not to mention annual exams, which can run around $300 without insurance).

That's a huge chunk of change.

So I transferred the birth control costs to "miscellaneous" since I needed some household items.

5 November payperiod:


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What's line #7? INTERNET. Whoa buddy. Of course, my bill will certainly not be $100 a month. I needed a wireless router ($50) and the connection cost (plus my first month's bill) is the reason it's such a large expense. But I did it. I HAVE INTERNET, PEOPLE.

I haven't announced it (until now), but I did end up with a cat (check out my Instagram to see him). One who got crystalluria and a UTI -- common problems in cats, especially males. I thought ahead, was misinformed by the clerk on costs, and ended up about $80 over budget in vet bills. I only had to pull a small amount of cash ($50) from my Emergency Fund to cover the overage, but it was quite unpleasant. No such thing as a free pet hahaha.


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As I stated, I can now cross off "Personal CC" from my list, thanks to the debt snowball cumulative minimum payment of $100 and an extra fluff of $12.14.

Next up is paying off Dentist 1: current balance $270.75 with a (cumulative) minimum payment of $125, however I will have to go back and fill up my Emergency Fund to $500.

Two debts down, three to go.

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