27 September 2013

& Onto Baby Step 2

As you know, I am doing Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps to get myself out of debt.


I had a modified version:

STEP 1: $500 in an emergency fund

STEP 1.5: Save up for and buy a mattress (since I'm sleeping on an air mattress)

then continued as Mr. Ramsey has it.

I'm glad to say that the first two steps of my plan are DONE, thanks to a generous gift from a couple friends of mine and hard work at saving extraneous cash from my income. It took about a month, when I had projected it would take 6 weeks.

I got my mattress today and it is fabulous. It's a memory foam so I'll sleep amazingly on it. Thank you so much guys!

The past week I've been petsitting for two adorable dogs (Cody and Charlie) and an elusive kitty (JoJo), walked my favorite pit bull, Bodhi, and I have two more jobs in the first half of October.

Being on track on my financial plan and getting started on Baby Step 2 a whole two weeks early feels amazing. I can't even begin to express the appreciation I have for my friends who simply want me to have a good night's rest. 

Now I can focus on my debt snowball.

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