19 September 2013

Budget: 20 September

Recap of the 5 September payperiod:

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I pretty much outlined everything in this post here but there were some adjustments after everything posted. You'll notice I did make budget, even with my miscellaneous expenses, which is the goal. Had some nice tips for petsitting as well. And check out that E-Fund balance!

20 September payperiod:

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I am so ready to be done with this damage deposit and get started attacking my debt with snowballs.


Thanks to Past Zoe, I only have $74.64 to pay for the deposit for rent.

I did add a "cleaning supplies" temporary budget I may or may not use because I really need a broom, vacuum, and a swiffer. We had a dust storm and I wasn't home to close my windows. With that and just basic living, my floors are icky.

Everything else is pretty standard and falling into a routine. Hooray!


With multiple petsitting jobs supplementing my income, this recently tight payperiod is going to have a pretty decent cash flow. My holiday pay for Labor Day will be on this check as well. Make it rain!!


I'm ALMOST THERE with my Emergency Fund. I'll project what my EF balance should be after I get paid. It makes it easier and is less of a headache. Mattress fund probably won't get any love until the 5 October check.


It's the Loan Payperiod, so standard minimum payments across the board.

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