11 September 2013

Budget: 5 September

It's been a BUSY BUSY couple of weeks for me. Petsitting has been booming and I haven't had any energy to even breathe, much less blog. Hopefully I can get these posts out before and after the payperiod begins so it'll be more consistent, instead of in the middle like it is now.

Here's a quick recap of the 20 August payperiod:

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As you may remember, this month was pretty tight with that damage deposit eating away my Emergency Fund savings money. I did make a choice to spend the $108.70 profit on that damage deposit so I'll only need to pay $74.64 (saved from the 5 Sept paycheck, see below) for the last installment. I still made off with an $11 profit, due to a petsitting tip and extra dollar left over, so in the E-Fund account it went.

The motorcycle permit renewal was budgeted, but I was misinformed when I called and it cost me an extra $12.

5 September payperiod:

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I would've been screwed had I not cut a few breaks (YAY) on my utilities and phone bills.

Food/household I went over just a LITTLE bit with my grocery shopping. Damn it. It could've been much, much worse. I had priced out a trash can and pillows (necessities) for around $46. Walmart is about 12 miles away, so I went to the local Bi-Mart to check if they had the same for equal or cheaper prices. There was a trashcan I wanted that was the exact same I had found at Walmart and SCORE: it was 46 cents CHEAPER and came with a smaller trash can I can use for my guest room when it gets established. But when I went to the register, it was $10 more...they had forgotten to take the sign off. I did get the sale price, though. Always check your receipts folks!

I FINALLY had some money to play around with. Hooray! I got two of these awesome bike lights because I keep almost getting hit at this one intersection on my route home from work. No way will they not see me with these bad boys.

I also got some knives for my kitchen, because cutting a tomato with a butter knife is messy and NOT FUN.

One way to save money on your method of transportation (for me, it's my scooter and bicycle, for others, it may be a car) is to maintain it...so when I looked at my mileage today and realized I haven't changed the oil on my scooter since it was 1500 miles (now sitting at about 4500....), I need to change the oil this week. So $4.66 went to a pan at Ace Hardware.

Another savings tip: learn to change your own oil. It takes just as long (if not shorter) than taking it in. And it's way cheaper. Have a handy friend show you.


The fun part. Getting paid! Only -- as you can see -- my paycheck was a little smaller than expected. Not to worry, I had plenty of petsitting jobs I knew I'd break even, if not have some profit. With tips and an extra, surprise job, I raked in an extra $35. SWEET.


Since all my bills haven't posted just yet, I can't determine exactly how much I'll be putting into savings, BUT it will be a significant amount, which is GOOD because I need $500 in the E-Fund before I can start the debt snowball.

My Mattress Fund got started, so progress is slowly being made there.


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Doing the debt snowball means paying from lowest balance to highest, so I switched the names of Dentist 1 and Dentist 2 due to the change in balance.

I haven't been able to call Dentist 2 to get a final total after the insurance drop, but it's estimated around $1200. Way better than the $3000 I thought I was facing just for that bill!!

I did start making minimum payments this month, with the exception of Simba, who is patiently waiting for October because he rocks (thanks, Sim).

Even though it's only $25 a month for each, it's exciting to see it go down even by that much! My debt free (aside from loans) projected date just by minimum payments is 1 July, 2014. But since it's a "snowball", you throw all your extra income at the debt you're working on at the time. So I'll be free around February, which isn't all that bad.

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(P.S. Yes, the budget is color coded. Makes it more fun to look at, don't you think?)
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