07 October 2013

Budget: 5 Oct

Recap of the 20 September payperiod:

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WOW where to start on this payperiod? 

I was super happy that my last payment of the damage deposit is DONE. That'll free up some funds for the debt snowball.

You'll notice I was able to buy a mattress and underboard, thanks to a couple of friends who gifted me money after hearing I was sleeping on an air mattress. The rest of their gift filled up my Emergency Fund (as reported in this post.

I initially thought I wouldn't make anything off my petsitting stay. The client was a very sweet woman and her mother who I know I can use as a reference. But they tipped BIG and I made a great profit off the stay, even with that hefty rental car expense. It was over budget because I had decided to pre-purchase gas instead of filling up before returning. It was a good move in the end, though.

5 October payperiod:
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Since this post is a little late, some bills have already been paid. 

You'll notice my utility bill is slowly creeping up the colder it gets. Soon I'll be monitoring how often I use the heater to keep it under that $80 budget.

The phone bill was a little overbudget, but still close. I adjusted it for next month so it should be right on target next time.

Halloween is one of my absolute favorite holidays. As such, I budgeted in for Scarywood and a surprise for entertainment. This will go down in November. 

I changed "gas" to "transportation" since I'll be riding the bus sometimes with the weather change. Currently at zero since my transit card has credit on it and I still have my Maverik gas cards.

I'll explain Seattle in the Savings section.

I've been riding on permits the last couple years for my scooter. I'm finally going to take the motorcycle endorsement test to get it over and done with. Hopefully they don't cancel on me like the last 6 times I've  tried.


Pretty standard. I have couple of dogwalking jobs this week. Unfortunately, both of my overnight bookings for October cancelled, which affects my savings pretty significantly.


Seattle is shaded out on the "expenses" because I'm not entirely sure I can afford my portion of $197.79 to go on the trip, due to the petsitting bookings being cancelled. So while I'll still save the money for it from my regular work income, I may have to allot it to something else depending on my 20 Oct paycheck.

The Mattress Fund became the Furniture Fund and got a raise. 


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Now that the damage deposit is paid and my E-fund is done with, I can move forward with my debt snowball and completely eliminate the top portion of the budget. 

I paid Riley the $75 "minimum" payment I had budgeted, and I may be able to completely pay him off this check, pending on numbers being crunched by yours truly. So that may change.

I did call Dentist 2 and get the total balance. It was a little higher than what I had thought she had said originally, but it's not too bad. It's still the highest, so once I focus on that one, I'll be able to attack it swiftly.

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