28 October 2013

Run, run, run

I HATED running up until this fall.

It was never something I liked to do, even when I was in shape. Especially running outside. If I was at a gym, I'd hit the treadmill and catch up on a few shows. But running outside was torture for me.

Last year -- I don't know why exactly -- but I remember thinking one day "I'm going to go for a run around the block". I laced up my Adidas, put on a pair of shorts and a tank, and off I went.

It was hard. I hated it as soon as I hit the first running interval.

I was breathing like an asthmatic rolling in cat hair and tree pollen on the hottest summer day. I didn't run far. It was about half a mile that day. I could go at least 2 miles on the treadmill so I blamed it on being outside. I kept trying, but I still hated it.

A few weeks ago I decided to try again. I had to apply the feeling I got on the treadmill to the area. I read a few articles on running form and interval techniques (pinterest is a great place for both), threw on my headphones and went running.

HaHa! I totally run like this!  Here's hoping that I can do better as time goes on though!

For some reason, this time was different. It was still hard. I was still breathing like a dementor, but afterward I felt accomplished. I felt free.

I reactivated my RunKeeper account and subscribed to a training plan for some structure. A friend recommended a local running group so I could meet some running friends.

Pic I snapped on Mile No. 2 // Saturday AM group run

Maybe I was finally was ready for a lifestyle change to just do it and stick to it (like when I became a vegetarian last year). Maybe I just finally snapped and I'm now full-on cuckoo-crazy. But now, I notice a happiness lapse when I don't run for a few days (which happened last week because I was sick).

With every run, I go as hard as I can. I've learned it is true what they say: running is 90% mental. The hardest run in the last two weeks was the day my dog was put down and I had to say goodbye to her on the phone, during my run. 

Running is my therapy. It's my crazy escape from reality until I'm ready to deal with it again.


And best part is, it's free ;o)

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