23 October 2013

Two weeks ahead; Budget 20 Oct

I have amazing news.

I am two weeks AHEAD OF SCHEDULE on my debt repayment plan. Which is fantastic.

I had some mystery cash left over (probably a discrepancy on cash flow from all that petsitting last month) and was able to pay off Simba completely in one payperiod.

I cancelled my Seattle trip and applied the money toward my personal credit card. So now my balance is $112.13.

If all goes well and I don't splurge with this next check I'll be on my next debt focus (dentist #1) by November.

Recap of the 5 October payperiod:

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I went a little over-budget on certain areas, but that's due to unexpected costs. The only one at my fault is my food budget because I wasn't paying attention to when sale dates were. But the good news is, I have food.

I had a migraine for a week so I went to get a massage to get rid of it since nothing else was working, which meant I had to cancel Scarywood. I also have to retake my endorsement test (stupid swerving........)

LT (laser tag) was supposed to be a surprise date, but was a bust because a couple of fraternities from the University of Idaho had a social and booked the arena for 6 hours straight. So that's tabled until next month.

Seattle, as stated, was cancelled and the money was allotted to the Personal CC.

Despite what I said in my last post , I am running a 5k. It's my first 5k and I'm doing it to benefit the Arthritis Foundation in honor of my women's fraternity's official philanthropy and the friends/sisters I have that are living with arthritis. I'm training hard for it. I registered and I'm ready to go. Now I just need a fun costume!

20 October payperiod:


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Pretty normal. Things are finally evening out. Since I went over-budget on groceries, I budgeted a little bit of wiggle room this paycheck because I'm low on some household staples and may not make it until November on what I have.


What is this? No savings?

Even though  in my last post I mentioned I was going to save for furniture, I decided the stress of trying to budget and save for either the furniture or materials to build the furniture was too much and I can wait until my debt is paid off completely. What's that phrase Dave Ramsey is always says?

Seriously. This is my motto. Especially when I want something I want, but can't have (yet). I even have a "vision" board hanging in my kitchen:

Sorry for the blurry image. I was excited.


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Kind of covered this already but it's worth saying that I am completely RE-ENERGIZED to tackle all this debt. It's really exciting to have knocked out so much in so little time.

I was a little unmotivated for a while, but reading The Total Money Makeover and listening to The Dave Ramsey Radio Show really helped me keep perspective.

Here's some motivation for you for whatever your goals are:

This is one of my favorite quotes. It is an African proverb referenced in the book The World is Flat.

Earl Nightingale quotesI am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to be become. - Carl Jung

Thomas Edison quotes

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What are you working on in your life?

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