07 October 2013

"No Zoë -- you can't get a dog"

"Patience is bitter, but it's fruit is sweet"
John Jacques Rosseau

Good god, is it hard to be patient when it seems like everyone around you is getting what they want.

One of my good friends recently got a puppy. I've been dying for a dog for years and never have been able to thanks to the "no pets allowed" rule in most apartments.

In my apartment, however, I just have to pay half my paychcck a small non-refundable deposit and I can have any dog I want. But then there's getting feeding bowls, pet insurance, a kennel, and food. Not to mention toys. Oh and the adoption fee or the cost of transporting one of my mom's dogs up here.

I did the math; it'll be a while before I can get a dog. I made a list on my phone of reasons I can't get a dog right now:

I'm still yelling at myself to snap out of this fever.

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