10 January 2013

Unwrap your gift

Life is a gift meant to be unwrapped each day.

Each day, we are given a chance to change the course of our lives, or continue doing what we have been.

Our circumstances can be good or bad, but what really has an effect on our future is how we react to the present.

Regardless of what we think, only the individual has the power to change.

This resonates with me deeply.

I paid off over $8,500 worth of debt within 14 months on my own.

I've conquered depression and anxiety time and time again.

I lost 50 pounds in 5 months.

I let go of negativity and embraced the positive in my life, even on the worst of days.

We have a choice every hour of every day to either respond or react to difficult situations. Responding is handling something with tact and class; reacting creates more drama than necessary and does nothing to defuse the problem.

Which will you choose?

I, for one, got tired of wasting entire days whining instead of taking charge of my life and doing something about my problems.

Life isn't easy. No one ever said it was. But we have the power to push through hard times and climb those hills to the top of the mountain. The best thing I've ever said is "I did it."

Whatever it is, don't waste another day waiting for someone to hand it to you. Go out and get it yourself.

Wise words, Mr. Dawson
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