26 January 2013

Dreams & Goals

There's a little continent called Europe, and I'm determined to live on it. My heritage is there, the languages I speak are based there, and I'm in love with the very diverse cultures in such a small space.

I have to raise a few grand to make it happen. I have a little over a year to do so and while I've made progress, it's difficult to stay on track. It's hard not to visit family or friends, go on fun trips, or buy that super cute new purse I saw, even though it's on clearance.

But I have bigger goals in mind.

That purse won't get me in a cafe in Paris, drinking coffee with a view of the Eiffel tower. The money I save from opting out of a domestic trip can afford me a bicylce tour on the cobblestoned streets of Madrid. Budgeting my vice, Starbucks, to $25 a month gives me beer in the Biergartens of Germany (and a little bit of sanity in the process of saving).


It's scary, and I've thought of giving up. But that wouldn't be worth it. Time, discipline, and patience are what will make it happen. The only thing in my way is me.

What scares you?

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