17 August 2012

List of 30: 28. What is your love language?

 List of 30

My love language is action, not words.

Words are meaningless. Telling someone you love them or care for them is pointless without a follow up with action.

"He loves me because he says so" doesn't hold a sparkler to "he sat through Titanic with me because I wanted to see it"

Though motives behind the action mean more.

Riley and I did long distance for nine months recently. It was tough and several times I got upset with him because I felt disconnected from him.

When we were in the same place he would buy me lunch or dinner, bring me something to show he had thought of me while he was out, kiss me, and hold my hand, or something small. It's the small things that count.

When we were 1500 miles apart, it was a little harder for him to show that he cared, no matter what he said.

In romance movies, there's always the big gesture. The big "aw" tearjerker moment.

We rarely get it. Honestly, it's usually not that huge and in your face.

But it is the small gestures that are the language of love.

It's the little notes, the dishes done, allowing you to control the remote, the kiss goodbye, or the look in their eyes when they look at you.

It's not the materialistic things they can provide for you. It's the thoughts throughout the day they have for you that dictate true love.

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