26 August 2012

Care Package

I went on an insane liquidation spree in the apartment. I think I was feeling a little claustrophobic in my emotional life (nothing having to do with Riley) so I was taking it out on my possessions.

I guess you can never get rid of too much stuff can you?

We (meaning, I) had a large pile of junk I've been meaning to either sell or donate sitting in our bedroom for the better half of two months. Most of it was used clothes, towels, linens, or items no longer in use (such as my VHS tapes, some DVDs I no longer care to watch, and the half broken VHS/DVD combo player).

Part of this pile was four large grocery bags full of baby clothes. My sister has a 7 month old and one of my good friends, fellow blogger, and AOII sister has a 2 year old with a very extensive wardrobe that no longer fits her.

It was logical to relieve Caty from the burden of these clothes and send them to my sister, who's child will eventually grow into them and look adorable in all of those ruffles and footie pajamas for the next couple of years.

I sent a care package, crossing off item #8.15 on my 101 in 1001 Days list

I really wish I had taken pictures, but I was a woman on a mission and nothing was stopping me.

Not even to take some crummy picture of a pile of junk.

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