21 August 2012

101 in 1001

I'm not a huge fan of written memes, but after reading a few of these lists and thinking about what constitutes a meaningful, successful life I couldn't pass this one up. Read about this challenge here. If you're looking for some other awesome lists, google "101 in 1001" and go through the first 3 pages. Some pretty awesome challenges out there!

Date started: August 21, 2012

Expiration: May 19, 2015

Tasks Completed
Tasks In Progress 
Tasks Waiting to be Completed

Experiences will be blogged about either in words or pictures.

Without further ado, here's my list (in no particular order than the random thought process of my mind):

1.      Have 10 people recommend books to me and read all 10 of them
·         God, no! by Penn Jillette – Chris Cate
·         The Help – Araceli Olivas
·         Fahrenheit 451 – Ashley Armstrong
·         Trinity by Leon Uris – Tanya Bailey
·         Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell – Shawn Browder
·         House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski – Nicole Marcon
·         Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt – Vicki Clark
·         Tell No One by Harlan Coben – Lisa Evarts
·         No Second Chances by Harlan Coben – Lisa Evarts
·         The Book Thief by Markus Zusak – Lisa Bjorkman

2.      Pay off my student loans
3.      Save 20% of my income
4.      Make an AOII t-shirt quilt
5.      Au pair in Europe
6.      Write 10 poems in each of the languages I speak
7.      Do 15 "random" acts of kindness
1.       buy someone a coffee at Starbucks
2.       make our neighbors a holiday treat
3.       leave a nice note on someone's windshield
4.       tip a server 100%
5.       give a warm meal to a homeless person
6.       say "good morning/afternoon/evening" to a complete stranger (in a public place)
7.       bake something for someone “just because”
8.       let someone in line go in front of me (while in a long line)
9.       volunteer my time for a cause
10.    write a letter to someone who made a difference in my life, but probably didn't know it
11.    be a designated driver
12.    pay a stranger's tab
13.    send a handmade card to someone
14.    write a thank you note for no "real" reason
15.    send a care package

            9.  Visit my family in Albuquerque at least twice throughout the duration of the 1001 days
           10.  Make a cheesecake completely from scratch
           11.  Start my own herb and veggie garden
           12.  Sew/mend my own clothes & refresh old ones
           13.  Surprise a friend with a visit
           14.  Watch all seasons of How I Met Your Mother in succession
           15.  Organize my iTunes
           16.  Convert my physical book collection to Kindle and only collect unique physical books
           17.  Achieve Adho Mukha Vrksasana
           18.  Reach and maintain my ideal weight of 120ish lbs for a minimum of 6 months
           19.  Learn to snowboard
           20.  Bike 5 miles
           21.  Make gifts and cards by hand for 6 months
           22.  Don’t log into Facebook for 3 weeks
           23.  Wear my hair curly for 6 months
           24.  Cook a meal from two cultures on every permanently inhabited continent
           25.  Learn to French braid my hair and someone else's
           26.  Learn to shoot a bow and arrow
           27.  Take a cooking class with Riley J.
           28.  Create a piece of artwork
           29.  Watch 25 movies I've never seen before (more than 1 year old)
           30.  Get health insurance
           31.  Drink only water for two months
           32.  Go on a wine tasting tour
           33.  Go on a beer tasting tour
           34.  Go on a road trip at least 800 miles long
           35.  Cut out sugar from my diet for a month
           36.  Go to Oktoberfest in Leavenworth, WA
           37.  Get rid of unnecessary possessions
          38.  Read to kids in a library or public school
          39.  Establish a tradition with Riley J.
          40.  Attend a high school or college play/musical
          41.  Plan a surprise party
          42.  Register as a bone marrow donor
          43. Make a scrapbook for a friend
          44.  Go to Vegas with Mathew (my brother)
          45.  Wake up before 8 every day for 30 days straight
          46.  Have a no spend week every month for 3 months
          47.  Study 5 tarot cards a week until finished
          48.  Get CPR certified for infants, children, adults, and pets.
          49.  Kiss Riley J at midnight every New Year’s Eve for the duration of the 1001 days.
          50.  Learn to make my own laundry supplies and dish washing detergent
          51.  Use entirely eco-friendly cleaning supplies
          52.  Go to a concert
          53.  Take Riley J to the International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque
          54.  Write a will
          55.  Go to Canada
          56.  Go to a poetry slam and present
          57.  Visit another AOII chapter
          58.  Move to another state
          59.  Put 25₵ in a jar every time I swear for a week and donate the proceeds to charity
          60.  Keep a “my day in 5 words” journal for 6 months
          61.  Read a book in each of my languages
          62.  Learn the following in 10 languages:
o    Hello
o    Goodbye
o    Thank you
o    Please
o    Yes
o    No
o    Sir/Ma’am
          63.  Get my planned tattoos done
          64.  Go to a local art gallery
          65.  Learn the metric system
          66.  Reread the Lord of the Rings trilogy
          67.  Read the entire works of Edgar Allen Poe
          68.  Have an Audrey Hepburn movie day
          69.  Watch Riley J graduate from graduate school
          70.  Go to a movie alone
          71.  Go horseback riding
          72.  Own every Disney movie that has been released out of the vault
          73.  Have a Doctor Who marathon
          74.  Take a dance class
          75.  Get engaged to Riley J
          76.  Take only public transportation for a month
          77.  Visit the east coast
          78.  Visit Riley J’s family in Nebraska
          79.  Get a dog
          80.  Go to at least 3 MLB games throughout the duration of the 1001 days
          81.  See a University of Nebraska football game
          82.  Celebrate Christmas Day with Riley J
          83.  Go camping four times throughout the duration of the 1001 days
          84.  Stay in a hostel
          85.  See an opera
          86.  Read the entire works of Jodi Piccoult
          87.  Read the entire works of Nicholas Sparks
          88.  See Jim Morrison’s grave
          89.  Become a manager for a hotel
          90.  Start earning my bachelor’s in Hotel & Restaurant Management
          91.  Write a letter to myself for the day I graduate with my bachelor’s
          92.  See a professional ballet
          93.  Go whale watching
          94.  Hang out at a ski lodge
          95.  Watch a movie in a park
          96.  Have a picnic in a park
          97.  Celebrate a non-American holiday once a year during the 1001 days
          98.  Go stargazing
          99.  Make pizza from scratch
          100. Make ice cream from scratch
          101. Go on a trip with Davrey (my sister)

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