08 March 2013

Five Word Friday: Week Ten

Growing up I always kept a journal. I had memory problems as a kid and it was the best way to remind myself of events that occurred.

Since I'd rather spend my time doing other things than devote and prioritize writing a daily record in a journal, I decided to summarize my day in only five words for 2013.

Every Friday, I'll post what I wrote down for Saturday through Friday.

Week Ten

Saturday, 2 March: Prioritize. Live simply. Stay focused.

Sunday, 3 March: Hate being "the bad guy"

Monday, 4 March: Biking around Cheney. LOVE IT.

Tuesday, 5 March: Can't say I didn't try.

Wednesday, 6 March: One week until my birthday

Thursday, 7 March: Language study...until 4 a.m.

Friday, 8 March: Shopping: courtesy of the boyfriend.

How was your week?

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