15 February 2013


I love anchors because they mean hope, stability, and unexpected strength.

I am the ship and the world is my sea. Sometimes waters are calm with a beautiful day and sometimes it's trecherous and I need to use my sailing skills to navigate to safety.

Sometimes when I need a break, I need to let down my anchor at the harbor and wait until I'm ready to go back out to sea again.


Sometimes I  need someone there to tell me to raise anchor and get back out there before I'm ready.

Sometimes it's the hardest thing to lower anchor, when it's really the best thing for me.

Big Anchor Pendant Necklace - Vintage Nautical Design Antiqued Brass Sailing Ship Anchor and Long Chain

But the fact that it's there as a safety net helps. I can stop, reflect, and regroup my thoughts and hone in my skills.


It's small, but powerful. It chains me to the safe, secure harbor rather than the mean, raging seas.

And then, when it's finally raised, I am able to face the treaterous sea that life can be.

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