19 July 2012

From A to Z

I recently decided I wanted to be called by my middle name of Zoë. It's a name I've always had an identity with but never really "felt" like a Zoë. I was called Tatiana in high school and it worked out well with foreign friends who found it hard to pronounce the very anglophone "Autumn."

I was severely teased for my first name (Autumn) throughout my childhood and still get worn jokes about what season it is and whether it's okay to call me "fall" (it's not) and if I was born in autumn (I wasn't). I've learned to brush them off over the years, but it's still pretty annoying.

The main reason for the change is I'm just not the same person I was even six months ago, much less someone I used to be 3 years ago or more. I've grown into the beginnings of a person I've always wanted to be instead who I thought I should be (as I've said multiple times on this blog). I'm a new person.

Plus Zoë is pronouncable in many languages, which keeps things simple and uniform.

Zoë means life. And at this point in my life, I can finally feel that my life is mine, rather than held captive by tragedy, debt, or my insecurities. 

Please change your address books and phones to Zoë and rhymeswithjoey@gmail.com. Please do your best to call me Zoë.

Thank you :)

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