11 July 2012

The reality behind following your dreams

I'm one of the first to encourage someone to follow your dreams. Whenever someone is discouraged from doing something, we have it in our mind that they just don't believe in us like we believe in ourselves.

Unfortunately hope and faith alone don't always pay off, like we're led to believe all of our lives. Hard work is probably one of the most misunderstood things.

 If you think you're working hard, someone else out there is working even harder -- with worse circumstances than you.

If you want to be a model, but are thickset and don't have the motivation to go to the gym daily and get a healthy body to truly be proud of
-- you don't want it enough.

If you want to fight MMA, but are more focused on partying with friends than training for fighting
-- you don't want it enough.

If you want to feature your photography in an art show, but never take the time to know your photography or develop your skills
-- you don't want it enough.

If you want to learn an instrument, but refuse to practice daily and listen to critiques
-- you don't want it enough.

No matter what "it" is, if you're not willing to sacrifice everything for your dream 
-- you don't want it enough.

If all you do is talk about it, instead of taking action -- you like the idea of it, but don't want it enough to take action.

If you're going to walk away the first time you lose, rejected, or embarrassed -- you don't want it enough.

Life knocks you on your ass and it's your job to get back up and find out how to be better. Find your strengths and play them hard; find your weaknesses and fix or improve them. 
Don't take criticism negatively -- see it as an outside opinion and a dose of reality and build off it. Your friends and family will most likely encourage you outside of your current abilities -- use that as support when you feel unmotivated or discouraged.

If it's truly your dream, your entire focus needs to be on it. Your dream needs to be an obsession and not just thoughts. Actions are what make dreams come true.

I didn't pay off $8,000 in less than two years by whining about how unfair the debt was and never seeking out ways to achieve that goal. 

I didn't learn 2 languages on my own because I let my physical location stop me or lack of money for classes or learning materials.

I'm not going to let anything get in my way of the rest of my goals...are you?

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