03 August 2013

Far from Perfect

As a perfectionist, it's especially hard to admit any sort of the sense of failure. Life has a tendency to throw curveballs we're not ready for, so perfection is an illusion.

I recently had a friend describe my life as perfect. From the outside looking in, everything may look just fine. But everyone's life is like a keyhole. You don't really get the full picture unless you are invited to open the door.

Especially with social media like facebook, twitter, instagram, and whatever else is out there, it is extremely easy to display a picture perfect lifestyle for the world to envy. I'm not advocating airing dirty laundry, but, honestly, you're looking at everyone else's highlight reel. There's always a behind the scenes unedited reel with the full story.

No one's life is perfect. There's always room for improvement or growth; there's always something someone wants, even if it's trivial. 

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