24 August 2013

Clearing the air

Now that the dust has settled down I can write about what's been going on. 

The biggest thing is Riley and I decided to end our relationship a while ago. It wasn't messy or ugly. It was a mutual, cordial decision and we are both better for it. As hard as it is to end a relationship, there is no one I'd rather go through this with than him. We love each other as people and we'll be friends as far as we're concerned. 

After the break up, I was still planning on going to Europe. Then I was told by my dentists said I needed a lot of dental work - including some fillings, a root canal, and wisdom teeth extraction -- and my dental insurance through my mother expired at the end of the month. So I did it all in two weeks. The co-pay was fantastic but still set me back a few bucks, taking the bulk my Europe savings with it (and then some. Floss those teeth folks). 

I am also no longer an adviser for AOII, so then the plan was to move back to Arizona and possibly go back to school. But since my dental work hit my finances pretty hard, I figured the best thing for me would to actually stay in one place for a while, as heartbreaking as it may be to not be near my family and friends throughout the southwest. The rest of my savings went to pay rent and deposit on my new apartment. 

So my last couple of posts probably make a little more sense now. I've been using the last few months to build myself back up and tie up loose ends. I have my own (huge) apartment which I love. I have great friends supporting me and the support of Riley and our families as well.

I appreciate everyone who has comforted me through the hard decisions I've had to make. Y'all know who you are. I especially appreciate those who have been discrete regarding my business. Nothing bothers me more than someone talking about someone else or judging them, when it's obvious they're in a tough spot and just need a friend. Thank you to those who have been the friend instead of judging my decisions without the full picture. 

Now this is really about Zoë. 100% me. 

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