08 November 2012

A Birthday Never Celebrated

Dear Daddy,

Today you would be 53. Mom would have made you a big fat breakfast burrito and given you a kiss as you left the house.

I would've sent See's chocolates -- a signature favorite of yours -- and called to ask you if you wanted anything else. Probably another classic rock album that you didn't have yet (if that were possible). Maybe some concert tickets or a new winter coat (plaid, of course).

A funny card would've accompanied the chocolates, something sarcastic and dorky, but you would've laughed anyway.

You would call me mi hija and told me you love me and miss me. Then you would've said you were going camping or fishing this weekend to celebrate with mom and the dogs.

You'd yell at the bird to shut up, because he loves to mimick you while you talk on the phone.

But your age is frozen forever at 46. While mom and I move on and grow older, you've only celebrated 46 birthdays.

We miss you so much and love you forever.

Happy birthday daddy.

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