15 June 2012

A Little Perspective

We all have bad days. But when those bad days are everyday and it's hard to even get out of bed or off the couch, you may be a little depressed.

I've struggled with depression all my life, and I can tell you it's not fun. When my depression relapses, I don't even want to be around myself, so I can't even imagine what I put my friends and family through. (Love you guys for putting up with me)

Pinned ImageLive in the present, having learned from your past.A M E N .

Depression is more than being sad. It encompasses you, fills you with despair and darkness. You want to cry for no reason and you desperately want to feel better. Ironically, the best treatment for depression is getting out and doing things, which is the last thing you want to do.

Day by day and week by week, you have no desire to do the things you used to enjoy.  Hobbies fall by the wayside, eating and personal hygiene become chores, even getting up and putting a movie into the DVD player seems unworth the effort it takes to drag yourself off the couch ad walk 4 feet over to the media system.

A lot of people discount mental illnesses as mere moods or ungratefulness. Depression is more than low self-esteem or a bad perspective on life. Someone with depression has high and low days, like everyone else. However, the low days tend to outnumber the high days.

Be you, you'll never know who will love you for it. :) #quote #lovePrepare for launch! :-) 

I think of depression -- or any other mental illness -- like a wound in one's side.  One knows it's there, but doesn't think anything of it and leaves it untreated, thinking it'll get better on it's own. Only after it's grown worse, infected and much more serious, does one take it seriously.

As a recovering depressive, I find taking life one day at a time helps a lot. Today I didn't want to get off the couch and go buy myself a treat. After I forced myself to, I relished in the thrill of riding my scooter and the beautiful day we've had here.

Always.It is true!keeping this in mind and looking forward to better days

The wound doesn't heal all at once. It takes time, maybe some help, a lot of honesty, and maybe even some tough love with yourself.

Remember, when you feel you're at rock bottom, the only way to go is up; when things get even worse, they remind you things can always be worse.

If you struggle with depression or suicidal thoughts please call these hotlines. They help, I promise.


Photo quotes taken from my Pinterest board which has been my own form of tough love.

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Caty said...

I really appreciate this! I appreciate you laying yourself out there so people can better understand you! I have a friend that suffers from depression and I just wish I could understand it better! This was a good start! Love you girlie!