14 October 2012

Readers I Do Not Know

Every blogger thinks they're talking to a wall and the only reader they have is their loving boyfriend and/or mother who reads every post with a encouraging "great blog today" when you really think it's crap..

I received a Facebook comment from a reader I actually DO NOT know, and it made my day:

"A quick note today to say, thank you, danke, gratzi, mil gracias! I'm not sure how exactly I landed on your blog from the Spokane AOPi   page, but I just read through your 101 is 1001 and it's got me feeling fully inspired! I'm going to set to work on drafting my 101 today. 

Also -- you're an exceptionally talented writer -- full of insights and keen observations. I hope you continue to write -- and share it with the world. 

Big hugs and roses to you from the east coast this a.m."

Thank you dear reader. I can't wait to read your 101 in 1001 and I hope my future posts inspire you even more, no matter how infrequent they are.

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